Saved games are handy if you want to go back and try again. You can access your saved games through the main menu.


The game saves your progress automatically every 90 seconds (you'll see "Auto-Saving" alert appear at the top of the screen).

Manual save

To save your game manually, just hit ‘Escape’ (PC/Mac) or the Pause button (mobile) to open the Options menu, which has a “Save Game” button. If this option is grey instead of orange, it means you can’t save.

Reasons why you wouldn’t be able to save:

  • You are in an encounter with (or near) another wolf. Try leaving the area. You should then be able to save your game. This also applies if you have just bonded with a dispersal wolf, making him or her your mate.
  • You are a participant in a multiplayer game. Only the host may opt to save (or receive auto-saves) during the session.