<p>When launching the game, it freezes on the main menu with the alert displayed at the top: "Syncing With Server. Please wait a moment..."</p>
<p>This is a rare issue that's caused by a <span class="posthilit">corrupted</span> save-game file. To fix it:<br /><br />1) Find the folder which has all your saved wolf and games. It’s here:<br /><br />[YourUserDirectory]\Documents\WolfQuest\<br />or something like that (might be different depending on version of Windows)<br /><br />Inside that folder you should see folders named “Wolves” “SinglePlayer” etc. Drag that “WolfQuest” folder onto your Desktop, so there is no folder called “WolfQuest’ in your Documents folder.<br /><br />2) Run the game again. It will hopefully not get stuck, and then you should get a File Sync popup. Click the “Sync All Files” button.</p>
<p>The synching process should run and finish properly now. You should then have all the wolf and game files that are synced to the server. If you’re missing any, you can find them in the WolfQuest folder on your Desktop, and drag them back into the new WolfQuest folder in Documents.</p>