If players see rule-breaking behavior while playing, they are encouraged to send WolfQuest administrators an in-game report that contains a portion of the chat log. Players can also report inappropriate game-names in the multiplayer game lobby. All reports are reviewed by administrators who decide if players need reminders, restrictions, or need to be banned.

WolfQuest multiplayer games feature an in-game chat system that allows players to communicate with each other. By starting or joining a WolfQuest multiplayer game, players agree not to use any abusive, vulgar, sexually-oriented, or otherwise inappropriate language and behavior, or anything else deemed 'not allowed' in the WolfQuest Multiplayer Game Rules (see below). Doing so may lead to players being permanently banned, with notification of the player's Internet Service Provider if deemed necessary.

All chat text is filtered through a list of offensive words, WolfQuest cannot guarantee that in-game chat won't contain inappropriate content, nor can we guarantee that players will behave appropriately. By entering WolfQuest multiplayer games, you assume all risks associated with online game and chat communication with unknown players.

We encourage children under 13 to participate only in password-protected Private Games with known friends to minimize the risk of inappropriate chat content.

The WolfQuest online community is a remarkably supportive and pleasant group of players. However, people of all kinds can join public multiplayer games so players should know how to navigate online interactions safely.

WolfQuest Multiplayer Game Rules
Players must agree to these rules each time they enter multiplayer games.

What is allowed:

  • Being a friendly, respectful, and helpful player
  • Appropriate roleplay and chatting
  • Inviting specific people to private games

What is not allowed:

  • Swearing, vulgarness, and excessive violence
  • Sexually-oriented/mating/dating games or roleplay
  • Harassing/bullying/threatening other players
  • Discussing illegal or inappropriate topics
  • Giving your wolf a name that is invisible in the chat box
  • Excessive kicking, or saving spaces for friends in public games
  • Video-recording games without permission from other players
  • Giving/asking for personal information
  • Pretending to be a moderator or another player
  • Editing game files to alter functionality

Consequences: Breaking any of these rules may result in a warning or permanent ban, as deemed necessary by a WolfQuest administrator. You may be banned without receiving any warnings beforehand. If you notice anyone breaking these rules, please follow the directions for reporting inappropriate players.

WolfQuest Privacy Policy