Recent versions of MacOS (10.15 "Catalina" and 11.1 "Big Sur" and newer) are causing problems for some players. We've found no information about what has changed, but here is what has worked for those players:

  1. Find the actual WolfQuest app on your computer:
    • If you have the game from Steam, it would be in your Steamapps folder, and you can find it via Steam by right-clicking (ctrl-clicking) on the WolfQuest 2.7 game name in your steam library (left sidebar), then choose Properties, then Local Files tab, then Browse Local Files.
    • If you have the non-Steam version, find WQ: AE game in your Applications folder. Right-click (Option-click) and then choose Show Package Contents. Then in the folder that opens, go into the WolfQuest folder, and there'll be another WolfQuest game icon -- that's the actual game app.
  2. Double-click the game app to launch it.
  3. When the Resolution popup appears, click that toggle button that says "Only show this dialog if the option key is down." Then try clicking Play. It may crash, but if it does, try running it again and it should not crash.
  4. In the future, you can probably launch the game normally (from Steam or via the WQ game launcher) and it will probably run. If you do need to change the game resolution at some point, hold down the Option key when launching it.

If the Resolution popup doesn't appear at all, then on the second step above, hold down the Option key and then double-click on it. That should force the Resolution popup to appear. If it does, then follow step 3 instructions.