You can try the first level of WolfQuest 2.7 for free before purchasing the full game.

PC/Mac: $20

With the release of WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, Early Release for PC/Mac, the price of WolfQuest 2.7 is now $20. You get both games with your purchase.

  • Full Game WolfQuest 2.7: The entire game with Amethyst, Slough Creek, and the Classic Lost River map, Multiplayer, and all customizations for $20. Available as a digital download on or Steam.
  • WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, Early Release for PC/Mac, in Early Access, we are updating the game frequently.

Mobile: WolfQuest 2.7

Free Download: with Amethyst Mountain single-player unlocked, original set of wolf coats, and all the new wolf howls.

In-App Purchases :

  • The full game (Slough Creek (pups), Multiplayer, and Lost River map) for US $3.99.

  • Wolf Coats and Body customization packs: US $2.99 each or get both packs for US $4.99

Note: WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is not available for mobile. We are currently focusing on PC/Mac development but will turn our attention to other platforms once WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is out of Early Access.

Tower Fall

A new map, Tower Fall, will be released as DLC after WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition.