If you indicated your age is under 13 in the game WolfQuest 2.7, you'll need to get parental consent via the AgeCheq website. We are not legally allowed to change anyone's age after they have input it into the game, even if it is erroneous. You must then go through the AgeCheq process.
Here is the procedure for your parent or guardian:
  1. Create a Parent Account on the AgeCheq website
  2. Then fill in the info under "Enter a Child"
  3. Verify yourself as a parent, so look for the "Verify Now" link in top-right, and choose one of those options.
  4. After verifying, choose "Select a Child" in the top-left pulldown list. The WolfQuest game should be displayed on that child's page in your Parent Dashboard. Click the green "Authorize this Game" button, and THEN click the green "Authorize for [child]" button near the top of the page. You must click both Authorize buttons. Then, it should say "Authorized" with a "Block this Game" button on the main child page.
  5. Finally, give the PIN to your child to input into the game, and now they can register their account!
We apologize for the complicated procedure. Parental consent is required by United States law, and this is the best system we found for it.

Many other countries have similar laws (some with higher age restrictions!) so we require parental consent no matter what country you live in.