When pup drowning is NOT allowed

Raise Pups multiplayer mode is meant for players to work together to ensure the survival of the pack. Generally, players in Raise Pups mode find a den, establish territory then train, defend and grow their pack’s pups. One challenge is crossing the rivers safely with pups. However, some players enter games to drown pups on purpose just to disrupt the game. This violates the rules:
  • Being a friendly, respectful, and helpful player and
  • Appropriate roleplay and chatting

It is not acceptable to enter a cooperative, pup-raising game to drown pups just to be obnoxious. Hosts should kick those players and/or send an in-game report. However, it can be hard to discern intention. Keep in mind, there is often not clear proof of intention in the chat log. Keep in mind that new players may not mean to drown the pups but haven't mastered the crossing so be patient.

When pup drowning is allowed

Other players host games to drown pups as the intended roleplay. To clarify, There is no specific rule against drowning pups in a game as long as the host has designated this type of roleplay with a clear game-name (e.g. PupKillers, BadParents, DrownPups and similar). If you don't like the roleplay a game-name describes, then don't enter the game!

Why is pup-drowning allowed sometimes? We understand that players have different ways of playing WQ and we accept a range of humor and roleplay. While we would prefer that people with alternative roleplays play private games with like-minded friends, we also know there are a lot of styles of gaming in the public lobby that are not realistic (humans, dragons, cats...). And, like it or not, wolves do kill pups in wild (these are rival pack pups but in the current game, this isn't an option so some players get creative).

SO, if a game-name indicates that drowning pups is the RP of the game (and that is not your kind of game) just don't join it. Do join other pup-raising games or host your own game and set the roleplay and rules yourself. We want many kinds of people to have fun playing WolfQuest. Most players do enjoy raising pups cooperatively so there should be plenty of games you would enjoy in the public lobby. Private games are also a great option.

Of course, if you are in a game and players are breaking the rules and being really inappropriate with language or extreme behavior, then please use the in-game reporting system so we can check in with them. The game reports include a portion of the chat log that allows us to see what's going on. We appreciate players helping us keep WolfQuest a pleasant community.