Over a decade ago, we first released WolfQuest into the world. I daresay nobody in their wildest dreams, whether on the WolfQuest team or eagerly downloading (or trying to download) it, could have imagined that the game would still be going strong today. And yet, here we are. To commemorate this minor but remarkable event, we’ve made a documentary video about the history of the game. Actually, the documentary turned into a bigger project than expected (hmm, sense a pattern here?) so we’re going to release it in three chapters. Here’s the first one, “Genesis.” Enjoy!

Watch: Wildest Dreams: The Story of WolfQuest (Chapter 1)

We no longer support WolfQuest 2.5 and the game may not run at all on newer PC/Mac operatiing systems. However, you can still download it you wish: Download WolfQuest 2.5: Survival of the Pack Deluxe

Please note: Because multiplayer games are limited to canned phrase chat, you will probably find few or no active games in the WQ 2.5 multiplayer lobby. (Lexicon chat was disabled in December 2015.)